Specialist Car Insurance

Here at Quote Devil we have specialist products for motorists who have been convicted of motoring offences for speeding, drink driving, driving under the influence or reckless or careless driving. This can make insurance more difficult to obtain and make it expensive however we have products that allow you repair your insurance record and work towards lower insurance premiums in the future. We also have Insurance products for open claims, so if you have a claim against your insurance and it is not yet settled, usually that is a barrier to moving insurer but we are able to quote for this.


Car Insurance for Convicted Drivers Quotes

If you are finding difficulty getting motor insurance cover from a previous driving conviction our team at Quote Devil will help you out. For convictions such as drink driving and related offences, we provide special policies to cater for your needs. Unlike most UK insurers, we can give you affordable cover if you are a first-time driver, have no driving experience or 0 years of no claims bonus. Even if you had a large claim in the past, we can still offer you a quote. Vehicles of high value and high performance can also be included in this category.

Cheap Young Driver Quotes

Quote Devil specialise in offering great deals to young or first-time drivers. Most insurance companies don’t want to insure young drivers or will charge a ridiculous premium. At Quote Devil we know everyone has to start somewhere so we have policies designed especially for young drivers or those on a provisional licence. We understand that getting insurance for the first time can be overwhelming so we’ll also try to help you understand your policy and give you a breakdown of its benefits. You will also have the option of paying for your policy in monthly instalments making the whole process as hassle-free as possible. Find out more about our young driver car insurance policies!

Cover for Drink Driving Offences

At Quote Devil we know how expensive it can be to get back behind the wheel following a drink driving conviction or driving ban. We also know how important it is for you to get back driving in order to improve your driving record. That’s why Quote Devil is here to help. We have an insurer that specialises in cover for those with driving convictions in the past. We will do our very best to get you back on the road at an affordable premium and make the whole process as quick and easy as possible.

Sports & Performance – Non-Standard Risks Cover

Are you having trouble getting your car insured because it is a sports car or high-performance vehicle? Quote Devil could have the policy for you. We have an insurer that specialises in covering these types of vehicles as well as cars with modifications.  Unlike other insurers in the market, Quote Devil will try to offer you a policy with a fair and affordable price. So if you have a car that has been modified to your liking or that falls within a high vehicle or performance grouping give Quote devil a call today!

Have you Been Refused Car Insurance

If you, like many others have been refused car insurance cover in the past, Quote Devil could help. If you have a poor claims history, currently have an open claim, a driving conviction, or have “0 years” No Claims Bonus some insurers will refuse to give you cover. At Quote Devil, this is not the case. We have a good relationship with our insurers who specialise in covering these kinds of risks.

Refused insurance for a Car over 15 years?

It’s true that things have changed when it comes to insuring older vehicles. It used to be said that the older the car the cheaper the insurance policy, but not anymore! Some insurers are even refusing to quote on cars that are 10 or more years old! We know that for a lot people upgrading to a newer vehicle every couple of years is just not financially possible. At Quote Devil we have specialist insurers that will quote even if your vehicle is over 15 years old. Give us a call today and let us get you covered at an affordable premium!