Specialist Home Insurance - Refused, Unoccupied

When it comes to property and homes that are more difficult to find coverage options for, we have the house insurance product to take care of you. We can provide you with the best cover for listed buildings, period property, under construction houses, homes under renovation unoccupied residences, and even issues such as subsidence or high-risk flood locations. Have you recently had a flat roof extension or simply just want cover for a flat roof then get in touch with us also. If you are finding it difficult to find a policy for any of the above related options, have had a previous claim or have been previously refused, then you can turn to us for an assured quotation.

Low Cost Home Insurance Quotes, UK

Specialists Home Insurance – Non-Standard, Subsidence

If you are finding it tough to get a policy that is suited to your home insurance, then we can provide you with the right policy for many reasons. We can provide you with a policy cover if you have a non-standard construction or needs non-standard construction property. If your home has been affected for any reason we will provide you with cover while the work is ongoing. As and when the work is finished we can then provide you with a full insurance policy. QD UK can also provide you with non-standard insurance cover for your roof.

Have you Been Declined House Insurance or refused a quote?

Quote devil will still offer you a home insurance policy even if you declined house insurance by other insurers, refused a quote, bankruptcy, or even if you have a criminal conviction. We can give you home insurance over the phone within minutes. The non-standard home insurance policy is for any household risks. We are there for you if you cannot get your property insurance cover anywhere else.

Unoccupied Property Cover

Our nonstandard home insurance policy has cover for vacant residential homes. It can insure the buildings with a choice of three different levels of cover from basic fire cover to lightning, explosion, earthquake, subsidence, property owners liability of €3 million as well as full cover with flood, weight of snow, collision by vehicle, damage by falling trees/telegraph poles etc. and escape of water or oil, theft, riot, violent disorder, and acting maliciously among other things. We provide flexible underwriting for all domestic unoccupied properties in Ireland & the UK. Quotedevil can also insure properties that are unoccupied whilst undergoing renovation work or construction.

Insurance for Period Properties Pre 1900

A lot of houses in the UK are getting more difficult to insure especially if they are older buildings, but we at Quote devil are happy to announce that we now provide specialist home insurance for any buildings that were constructed pre-1900. The buildings that would be included on this list for house insurance would be Georgian and Victorian style period properties. It is very important that you calculate the cost of conservation architect and the alternative accommodation. Give us a call today for exclusive and premium rates and a way to save you money on protecting your home.

High Value House Insurance

Our home insurance cover policies come with high policy limitations and extra cover extensions. It is planned out for people who have high valued contents which are more than £65,000. Our company can provide comprehensive cover policies with no extra cost, including accidental damage. We can also offer you cover up to £14,000 for any fine art contents. We can provide you with policies for any structured building from the year 1900. Quote Devil also have specially designed policies for higher valued contents.

Landlord Property Insurance Policies

The most major worry for landlords when looking for buildings and contents insurance is Public Liability. Our company has a very considerable public liability limit of £1.3 million for our Landlord Insurance policy. With our landlord policy, Quote Devil want to make sure that all landlords are covered in case there was a claim made against you. In addition, our policy will also cover your legal fees, fire brigade call out charges and replacement of lock costs. An extra advantage of having our policies is Any loss of rent is covered up to 20% of the buildings insured making it very significant to you also. All of these reasons are why Quote Devils landlord policy is one of the best in the country with guaranteed competitive prices. We pride ourselves in our budget-busting prices. It Is vital to us that you save money on your existing premium. So, if you want to go with the best insurance company for landlords, Give us a call today for an amazing quotation and cover for your insurance, or click get a quote on our website and make a switch with us today and join ten thousands of people and be guaranteed to save money.

Policies for Flat Roofs

If your home has a flat roof consisting of above 25%, it can be challenging to find cover for it by a lot of UK insurers. The majority of insurance firms do not have an appropriate policy for this risk type. On the other hand, Quote Devil are dissimilar. Most people will already know that it is essential to have your property insured appropriately, this is the main reason why we offer policies that provide guaranteed cover for your house. If it has a 100% flat roof, this still will not be an issue. The cover we provide caters for metal roofs, concrete roofs, fibre glass and timber roofs. So call QD UK today for a guaranteed quote, even if other insurers can’t.